Harriet Alida Lye is the author of The Honey Farm, a slyly seductive novel set on an eerie but beautiful farm being marketed as an artists’ colony in order to save it from a terrible drought; Natural Killer, a memoir braiding together her experience of a rare form of leukemia as a teenager with her first pregnancy, with echoes of what it means to find oneself as an artist and a woman in the wake of that experience; and Let It Destroy You, a historical novel about the fallout of a marriage and the invention of the bomb. She also co-authored an absolutely charming children’s picture book about a slug called Serge on an epic journey of self-discovery. The Honey Farm is currently in production as a limited series for television. Harriet’s work has been published in Canada, America, Australia, England, France, and Korea, her books have been widely reviewed, and her essays and reporting have been published in The Globe & Mail, The New York Times, and more. She lived in Paris for eight years and has also spent extended periods in New York, Amsterdam, Halifax, and various cities and villages in England, where both of her parents are from. She now lives in Toronto with her partner, their two children, and two dogs.