When I worked with Harriet on the manuscript for my memoir Motherlike, she identified a major element that was missing in the narrative and worked with me to figure out how I could incorporate it. Once I did, the story became complete—it was the piece I didn’t know I was missing. In general, her reading of the work was thoughtful, intelligent and thorough, and she not only provided me with clear and invaluable written feedback, but also spoke with me at length on the phone after to answer my questions and talk through any sticking points. Harriet is a powerful storyteller who is generous with her knowledge and time, and I’ll forever be a better writer for working with her.”

Katherine Leyton

“Harriet not only understood what I was trying to do with my manuscript [What We Both Know] but was able to show me different perspectives, fine-tuning the work and bringing forward its strongest ideas. I left our meetings feeling excited about reshaping and rethinking, after having hit a wall on my own. Harriet has a strong intuition and a creative, personalized approach to editing.”

Fawn Parker

I work alongside authors at all stages of their writing process to develop an idea, edit a work-in-progress, rebuild and reshape a narrative, or help prepare a pitch. I will help you figure out your intentions with your work, and make sure those goals are coming across clearly in the writing. I love sentences just as much as I love story, and I will help you do super-close reading of your work so that the tone, style, themes, and story are coming across at the line level as well as in the bigger picture. Whether you are working in fiction or memoir, the goal is the same: to make your story clear and compelling to your readers.

Contact me directly or through Flying Books Mentorship Program to inquire about working together.