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How Having Cancer Prepared Me For the Pandemicin the Globe & Mail

Counting Your Chickens, book review in the New York Times

Selfless Societies, essay in The Happy Reader

Baby You Can Drive My Car, article in the Globe & Mail

essay in Catapult

War on the Weather, essay in The Happy Reader

Smoke Signals, in The Happy Reader

What it Feels Like, interview with Sarah Anne Johnson

A Library of Texture, interview with Colleen Heslin

Between Loneliness and Imagination, essay in Hazlitt

What Posing Nude Taught Me About Mortality, essay in VICE

The New Occupation of Paris, essay and review in VICE

Solving the Perfect Murders of the Affaire Chevaline, co-reporting for GQ

Talking Myself to Sleep, essay and investigation for VICE

Extract of The Honey Farm, in Errratum

Preventing the Preventable: on Leukemia and Measles, in The Huffington Post

Three Dollars and a Photocopy: How I Published the First Story by Alice Munro, essay in BibliObs

Interview, in HTMLGiant

I was a reporter for France24 for a hot minute but that didn’t lead to much

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