Other Projects

Her Royal Majesty

Her Royal Majesty was an international literary and arts review founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2008. Over its six years and thirteen issues, it grew from a zine designed to serve the local community into an international magazine, publishing established as well as emerging authors and artists. Flavorwire named it one of the best magazine websites, alongside Vanity Fair and The New Yorker.

In 2012, Harriet obtained the rights to the first ever story by Alice Munro: “The Dimensions of a Shadow”You can read more about that in The Paris Review, where it was said that Harriet was “making literary history,”and you can read the story in its entirety in the issue, online here. Her Royal Majesty also published James Franco, former poet laureate Robert Hass, and many more. You can browse through the archives (all the issues are now available for free), and take a look at the blog, which published interviews, reviews, audio poems and more.

To launch each issue, the team organized a series of international parties: take a look at some of the photos, from Toronto to Paris to Berlin.

Christian Louboutin’s Little Red Guide to Toronto

When French luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin was celebrating the launch of its exhibition at the Design Exchange in Toronto, Harriet was asked to create a guidebook to Toronto – her hometown! – to celebrate. The Little Red Guide to Toronto was written, curated, edited and photographed by Harriet.

Read the guide for a taste of the city, its festivals, art, architecture and locals, keeping in mind that this was back in 2012, so things might have changed.


Google Stories

Julie de Muer is an ‘urban storyteller’ who walks the streets of Marseille, meeting fishmongers and spice-sellers, collecting sounds and voices as she goes, in order to challenge stereotypes and show a new side of her city. Harriet was a lead researcher on the project and contacted Julie about her project, Promenade Sonores, and then a whole team of incredible people at 72andSunny Amsterdam  turned it into this beautiful Google Story.

More than that, though, this inspired storytelling project was a springboard for a digital adventure where you can walk the streets of Marseille at night in the style of Google Street View. Buzzfeed said this was “the best use of Google Maps so far.” 

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Responsible for digital branding and development of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection’s online identity. Harriet managed the website redesign, bridging the internal stakeholders with the external design, UX, and development teams; rewrote all the content; and oversaw the team who made it bilingual.She wrote and managed all social media content, updated the website, and analyzed data in order to best communicate to the gallery’s target audience. When asked what the gallery could do to bring more young people from Toronto, she created the “Field Trip programming” – partnering with cultural institutions in the city to have shuttle busses pick up patrons on a return trip to Kleinburg on a Sunday – to sell-out success.