Harriet is an author with a lot of public speaking experience, and is currently taking engagements for talks about her forthcoming memoir. At just fifteen years old, Harriet was diagnosed with a form of leukemia called Natural Killer, named “the rarest and worst malignancy”. The average life span of patients with this diagnosis is 58 days. There are no known survivors. There were no known survivors.

Harriet’s talks play out like a page-turning medical mystery mixed with a powerful narrative of personal growth. With flashes of humour, insight, and deep humanity, they appeal to general audiences, medical professionals, and any organization interested in a unique story, expertly told, that touches on universal themes of resilience, empathy, motherhood, mortality, fear, and above all, hope. With a background in theatre, and an ability to engage any size audience, she’s spoken to standing-room-only crowds at national media associations, benefit galas, international literary festivals, and, her personal favourite, the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris. A robust and thoughtful question-and-answer session follows each of her talks.



“People always ask me whether I was scared. Whether I thought I was going to die. I guess it felt like a gun was held to my head and I couldn’t look down the black hole of its barrel, or feel the cold metal on my skin. I had to look straight ahead and keep on walking.”


If you’d like Harriet to speak at your conference, meeting, gala, library,  university, or any other nice place speakers are welcome, please email speaking@harrietalida.com to discuss timing and fees.